7D Image Quality: Soft images or a problem with the camera?

An interesting thread was started a few days ago at about the image quality of the Canon EOS 7D. The original poster (OP) mentioned that the images from the 7D seem softer that those from the Canon EOD 5D when the same lens is used for comparison.

This subject comes up often and one plausible explanation was given by the second responder: “This comes up all the time. The 7D has a rather aggressive anti-aliasing filter as compared to the T2i, 60D, et al. This helps it handle moire a lot better but the down side is a loss in apparent sharpness. The solution is a slight increase in output sharpening.”

“In-camera jpegs have always seemed a bit on the soft side for my taste so I shoot in RAW almost exclusively. I and several others seem to think that when shooting jpegs, a good deal of data is lost in the jpeg compression process that can’t be recovered after the conversion process. So sharpening at this point isn’t as effective. The good news is that it can be dealt with easily. It’s simply a matter of using the picture style editor and editing your styles with a higher sharpness setting. ”

The thread is now more than 10 pages deep and some really good tips and suggestions have been given by other Canon EOS 7D owners. Follow the thread here.