7D review from a Nikon shooter

I saw this very interesting post at POTN about a Nikon user reviewing the Canon EOS 7D.

The Nikon user had this to say about the AF of the Canon EOS 7D:

“I shot hundreds of frames of geese and cranes in flight at Bosque. I was using the Canon 400 mm F/5.6 “L” lens. This lens is NOT stabilized, but it is VERY sharp. I shot birds coming straight at me with perfect results. This is the test that any camera has to pass if I am going to recommend it. It’s hard for the autofocus to track something coming right at you and in this case, the system worked. And here the 7D worked perfectly. I also shot birds coming at me with additional birds in the background and the 7D properly selected the front bird and tracked it all the way over my head. Amazing! I shot in all sorts of light. The AI Servo mode simply worked every time. I was extremely impressed. With only 19 auto-focus points, the camera does a super job. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to give up my Nikon D3s. 51 auto-focus points is better than 19. But the D3s costs $5200 to $1700 for the 7D. For the money, the 7D autofocus rocks.”

Follow the thread here and check out the link to the OP’s review.