Are you using the Quick Control screen on your Canon 7D?

My Canon EOS 7D is 2 years old today and I am still amazed at what it does. There are several things I like about it like the bright viewfinder (compared to my EOS 40D), the 19 AF points which are all sensitive to horizontal and vertical lines, the grid display in the viewfinder and the electronic level.

However one feature that I probably like more than all others is the Quick Control screen shown below. In less than 15 seconds I can change the ISO number, the Aperture and the type of metering. This is important because it would have taken much longer to change the Aperture using the Mode dial and the Main dial and to change the ISO number and the metering mode. using 2 or 3 button at the top of the camera. The Quick Control screen allows you to change Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, AF point selection, Picture Style, White Balance, Metering mode, Resolution, AF mode and Drive mode. You can also set the Self-Timer easily using this feature.


Press the “Q” button at the top left corner. The Quick Control screen appears and remains visible for about 10 seconds.

Use the Multi-Controller to select a function. The selected function is displayed on the screen’s bottom.

Use the Main Dial or Quick Control Dial to change the setting.

Press the SET button to confirm your selection.


Canon 7D Quick Control screen