Canon 7D and Speedlite 420EX

I saw an interesting thread about the pairing of the Canon EOS 7D and Canon Speedlite 420EX flash.

The original poster of the thread stated that the 420EX worked flawlessly with his DigitalRebel XT when shooting macro. “I usually shoot in AV mode use the 420ex for fill flash. I seldom need to adjust FEC as the subject is always lighted up correctly.”

However he noticed that he is not getting the same result when pairing the 420EX and the 7D. “The macro subject seems to always overexpose and I always need to manually reduce the flash out put to -2/3 or more.”

The replies to the original post suggested trying a different metering method and using an ISO less that 1600.

I thought this reply was brilliant and applies across the board to other cameras:

“I’ve never owned two cameras that metered exactly alike.. (be it flash or otherwise) If we get too used to one, we then compare all others to it, and see the differences as a defect.”