Second Outing with the New Canon 100-400mm IS II Lens

My second outing with the Canon 100-400mm IS II was better than the first. I decided to ignore the normal viewing areas at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. I parked in a lot near some trailers on the east side of the airport. From there I was able to get great shots of planes taking off. I was able to fill the frame at around 135mm and 200mm. Here are some of the images I took.

FrontierAirbusA319-FLL_TH25984 CaribbeanAirlines-Boeing737-FLL_TH26099 DeltaBoeing757-FLL_TH26001

First Outing with the New Canon 100-400mm IS II Lens

I received the new Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS II lens on Thursday. I took a few photos in and around my backyard late that evening. On Saturday I took the lens to the airport for its first official outing. Here are some of the better images from Airport Greenbelt Park south of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International:

JetBlue-AirbusA320-FLL_TH25706 NorthernMockingbird-FLL_TH25424 NorthernMockingbird-FLL_TH25431

I usually have a lot more plane images to show after a trip to the airport. But this time the light was not great so not many “keepers.” However I will have some great shots next time out.

Lunchtime on the beach with my Canon 7D

I usually have my camera bag with me as I drive around on business. On a cool windy day in January I stopped by the beach after visiting the library nearby. The beach was not crowded so I didn’t have to worry about pointing the camera at beachgoers. Using wide-angle lens is a lot less intimidating than long telephoto lens. Here are three of the better shots I took with the Canon 7D and a Tokina 12-24 f/4 lens.

HollywoodBeach_TH8631 HollywoodBeach-SeatedCouple_TH8599 HollywoodBeach-Birds_TH8602

A Peaceful Walk Through Fern Forest Nature Center

One thing I really like about some of the nature centers in South Florida is the well-built boardwalks like this one at Fern Forest Nature Center. A few times when I am in the area at lunch time I stopped by for a peaceful walk through the forest. I recently heard a visitor marvel at how “breathe-taking” the area is.


Photographing Planes from Airport Greenbelt Park in Dania Beach FL

Over twenty years ago, Broward County came up with a very innovative way to cut down on the airplane noise that the nearby residents heard. For years homeowners of the Melaleuca Gardens neighborhood, south of Griffin Road, complained about the noise from planes landing and taking off at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airpot (FLL).

Broward’s solution was to create a natural buffer instead of erecting concrete walls. This natural buffer is called Airport Greenbelt Park. “The milelong park on the southern edge of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is a series of 30-foot-tall mounds of trees and flowers and a lake…It is the first park in the country designed as a sound barrier.” (Sun-Sentinel)

Back in 1991 when the park opened to the public, visitors could watch small commercial and private planes like Cessnas and Falcons take off and land on the south runway. At the time the runway was not suited for larger jets from Airbus, Boeing and Embraer.

However, in September 2014 the expansion of the south runway was completed. On September 18 2014 JetBlue Flight 1028 became the first arrival on the new 8,000-foot runway. Plane enthusiasts and photographers can now get close-up views of Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Boeing 737, Embraer 175, Embraer 190 in addition to the smaller jets that used the runway prior to expansion.

I visit this park on average once per week. On December 23rd I shot this JetBlue Airbus A320 as it landed on the south runway.


Shooting Landscape at Vista View Park

These are photos taken at the northeastern corner of Vista View Park in Davie Florida. It was a cool day in December and the sun was low in the sky. I metered off the gray trail/walkway, set the camera to manual for some of these shots and did a little adjustment in post-processing.

VistaViewPk-Landscape_TH7827 VistaViewPk-Landscape_TH7825
VistaViewPk-BareTree_TH7851 VistaViewPk-BareTree_TH7855

A Near Shadowless Image on a Bright but Cloudy Day

It was a cold day on Hollywood Beach on Tuesday December 9th so there weren’t many sunbathers. A few people were seem just strolling along the shore.

This image was taken after the sun slipped out of view for a short while. The light was diffused but “clean.” It was bright enough to show details but not so bright to give shadows. Lately I have been looking out for these moments when I can get a “clean” image with details and little or no shadows, like the one below. These moments are great times to take photographs.


Dania Beach Library

The Town of Modello on Florida’s east coast was incorporated in November 1904. Shortly thereafter, its 35 residents, most of whom were Danes, changed the name to Dania. Today the city is known as Dania Beach and hold the distinction of being Broward County’s first city. Here is a picture of the city’s new library that replaced the old one a few blocks away.


Chapel Trail Park Nature Preserve

These photos were taken from the 1,650 feet boardwalk at Chapel Trail Park Nature Preserve in Pembroke Pines, Florida.



The first photograph was taken with a wide-angle lens (Tokina 12-24mm f/4) set at 20mm. The exposure was 1/250 second f/11 and ISO 100.

The second photo was taken with a telephoto lens (Canon 70-200mm f/4) set at 200mm. The exposure was 1/640 second f/6.3 and ISO 200.

Not a Bad Idea to Photograph on a Cloudy or Rainy Day

Do you like taking photographs when its cloudy or raining? Very likely you prefer shooting in favorable conditions. Of course, there are good reasons for doing so including safety reasons.

However, when the sun is not beating down on you, it is a great time to get photos without harsh shadows. It is also a great time to use that camera accessory many people ignore: the flash. Using fill-flash under cloudy conditions will give you very pleasing photographs.

The photos below may not be spectacular but I decided to feature them to show how pleasant a scene can look without the harsh shadows of bright sunlight.