A Canon price war between 2 major retailers?

Apparently someone came on the POTN forum and complained that he just bought a Canon EOS 7D at B & H and then found it $150 cheaper at Best Buy. He tried to have B & H do a price match but they refused initially. However after he ranted for hours he said he received a call from B & H that they would match the price from BestBuy.

Shortly thereafter there were other posts confirming that Best Buy has lower prices on the Canon 60D, the 7D and other Canon cameras.

Late Sunday night (May 15th) the price for the Canon 60D body was the same at BestBuy and B & H: $849, the price for the Canon 60D body plus the 18-135mm Lens was also the same at both retailers: $1,106.99.

However, there was a price difference for the Canon 7D body: $1,426.99 at BestBuy and $1,699.95 at B & H.

It is worth pointing out that B & H would ship the Canon 7D to my address in Florida and I would pay no shipping charge and no tax. BestBuy would add tax and shipping to the cost of the camera. So when doing the price comparison check to see if there are additional tax and shipping charges.

My Canon 7D arrived

My new Canon EOS 7D

I am now the proud owner of a Canon EOS 7D digital camera. YES!

I am now charging the battery and will probably take the camera “for a spin” tomorrow.

I will browse the instruction manual later tonight before I go to bed.

I ordered my EOS 7D today

After much consideration I made the decision to order a Canon EOS 7D digital camera. I ordered it today from B & H Photo in New York and it should arrive via UPS on 4/29.

There was a special pricing on the 7D plus the kit 28-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM IS lens.

I am excited and can’t wait to get my hands on it.