Do I get the best pictures with manual mode on my Canon 7D?

QUESTION: I am new to photography and am not sure which mode I should use. Someone told me that I must use manual mode to get the best pictures. Is this true? – Pierre, St. Paul MN

ANSWER: The simple answer is NO.

Here is the “not-so-simple” answer: Many Canon cameras have 2 sets of shooting modes. The Basic Zone modes are often used by novices/newbies and the Creative Zone modes are preferred by advanced amateurs and professionals.

The Creative Zone modes are represented as P, Tv, Av, M and A-DEP. These letters represent Program AE Mode, Shutter-Priority AE Mode, Aperture-Priority AE Mode, Manual Exposure Mode and Automatic Depth-of-Field AE Mode, respectively.

Any one of these creative modes can produce stunning photographs. While it is true that many professionals use the manual mode, there is nothing about the camera that limits it from taking great photographs in the other modes.

As you are learning to take better photographs you will become familiar with the effects of slow shutter speeds, fast shutter speeds, large apertures and small apertures. Soon you will be able to decide if 1/125s or 1/500s is better for what you are shooting and whether to use f/2.8, f/8.0 or f/11 for your subject.

You will be able to use manual mode comfortably after a thorough understanding of shutter speeds, apertures, f-stops, exposure compensation and the relationship between light sensitivity and ISO.

My favorite shooting mode is Aperture-Priority and I have been able to take stunning photographs with this mode.

Check out the following article to learn when to use small, medium and large apertures:

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  1. pls suggest me how to take photos in manual mode