How do I change back to the original Canon 7D settings?

QUESTION: “My friend has been messing around with my Canon 7d and made some changes which I don’t like. How do I change back to the original settings?” – Melanie, Seattle WA

ANSWER: On page 45 and 46 of the Canon 7D manual you will find the instructions for “Reverting the Camera to the Default Settings.”

On the back of the Canon 7D press the Menu button.

Use the “half wheel” (Main Dial) near your index finger and rotate to the 9th option.

Use the rotating wheel (Quick Control Dial) near your thumb to scroll down to “Clear all camera settings” and press SET in the middle of the Dial.

Turn the Quick Control Dial to select OK and then press SET.

Canon 7D "Clear all camera settings"


Clear all camera settings