One year since receiving my Canon 7D

Today marks the first anniversary of the delivery of my Canon EOS 7D. After taking about 3600 photography, I can truely say that the Canon EOS 7D is a brilliant camera.

I don’t think I would have complained if it was a 15 megapixel camera. The 18 megapixel is a lot for what I normally shoot so I often shoot mediun RAW. Some of the features I really like are:

1. 19 cross-type AF points
2. Dual-Axis Electronic Level
3. VF (viewfinder) grid
4. “Q” button that allows quick change of common settings
5. Wireless multi-flash support via the pop-up

The are other nice features that I have not used often like video/live view capability and customizable noise reduction settings. But I am pleased with the performance of my Canon EOS 7D.