Using the Quick Control Screen on the Canon 7D

One great feature I enjoy using on my Canon EOS 7D is the Quick Control Screen. The benefits of this screen is described by Canon as:

1. The ability to review major camera settings on one large, easy-to-see screen.

2. The ability to perform a variety of common camera settings and image adjustments on a single screen, without having to sort through multiple menus or press multiple buttons.

To use the Quick Control feature on the 7D follow these steps:

1.  Press the [Q] button found at the top left corner on the back of the camera. The Quick Control screen will appear.

2. Use the [Multi-controller] to navigate to and highlight the feature you want to change. Once the setting is highlighted, use either the front or rear control dial to change the setting.

I find this feature to be very convenient and consider it a time-saver because in a few seconds I can change Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, AF Mode, AF Point, Metering Pattern, White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Picture Style, File Size and Type, Custom Controls and Drive Mode.

I often use it to change ISO value, AF Point and to change from RAW to MRAW. Once you have tried it you most likely will be hooked on it.

Information about the Quick Control button and screen is provided on pages 38 and 39 of the instruction manual.