Where do I take Exposure Reading?

Photographing a scene like the one below can be a challenge. There are bright areas and dark areas that can fool the camera’s meter. So where do you point the camera? Where do you take an exposure reading?

To get the right exposure you can point the camera at a gray card or something similar like a gray concrete walkway or the bark of a tree. Then set the camera to manual exposure mode and use the reading you just observed. You can go a step further by bracketing that exposure, that is, taking 1 or 2 under- and over-exposed shots.

I chose to point the camera’s central AF points to an area of the water that reflected the cloud overhead. That area was not dark nor too bright. I used the recommended exposure readings of 1/200 second and f/10. A wide angle lens set at 12mm was handheld for this shot. I decided to use ISO 100 rather than my preferred ISO 200 to get a lot of details.